Shower Arm with Escutcheon, Chrome Finish

Shower arms are generally one of the more durable parts in a recreational vehicle bathroom. However, they are subject to certain forces, especially corrosion. Additionally, you could damage your shower arm by hanging items from it or when installing or removing a particularly stubborn showerhead. If you are replacing a showerhead, then it is the perfect time to install a new shower arm and escutcheon set. The Road & Home™ Shower Arm and Escutcheon set is designed for maximum durability, even in steamy conditions. Its standard size fits most standard showerheads and hookups. Avoid premature breakage and corrosion and enjoy a new leak-free attachment.

  • Standard 1/2 in. thread size for compatibility with your existing hook-ups
  • 6 in. Shower arm length
  • Non-metallic construction provides corrosion resistance
  • Attractive chrome finish matches many common bathroom fixtures
  • Threaded flange provides snug fit against the wall to reduce leaks
  • 2-1/4 in. Flange diameter
  • RVP075
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty